Bideawee Pet a Hit with Celebrity Pet Trainer Bash Dibra at Broadway Barks

Bash Dibra and Delilah

The 10th annual Broadway Barks celebration turned into a star event for one of Bideawee’s pets! Bash Dibra, a celebrity pet trainer and best-selling author on training books on cats and dogs, adopted our Delilah while visiting the July 12th event held in Schubert Alley in New York City. At just 3-1/2 months old, Delilah was already homeless and had been staying at our Manhattan adoption center for four weeks prior to Broadway Barks. But this Shepherd mix proved to be as irresistible to Bash as she’d been to our staff … and now she’ll be a star in her very own home!

Bash Dibra Talks About Pet Stardom with People and LIFE

Bash Dibra and Delilah

Bash Dibra, celebrity pet trainer, offers advice to pet owners interested in making their pets star in interviews with People and LIFE magazines. According to Bash, it's not about your pet's looks -- it's her attitude (especially if she has a "happy, well-behaved, and focused" one) that will give her the best chance to work in film or television.

Bash has worked wonders with many pets, including Wesley, the Brussels Griffon from Spin City. If your pet has the personality, Bash may be able turn her into the hottest star in Hollywood through the 2008 StarPet Contest. Sign up today!